You can’t be use Freepiker content as main and must be use as a secondary element for commercial purpose.

This guideline is for both of free & premium user. Products may be digital and physical (your website, mug, t-shirt, print or video to promote your company, wallpaper to decorate your shop, etc.).

If you want to use our resources for commercial purposes, please remember that our resources must be used as secondary elements of the final design you wish to include on your products.

It is permitted to use Freepiker content as the main element of the end product if you are working for one specific client. You will not be allowed to use these designs as main elements if you’re selling them to multiple clients or use commercial purpose.

You downloaded this web banner from Freepiker & using as a web banner for selling to your multiple clients, you are allowed to use only “As secondary elements” to your design.

If you download Freepik's resources for free and you intend to use them for commercial purposes as secondary elements, you must include the attribution line "Designed by Freepiker" on the product. If you prefer not to include this attribution note, you can acquire one of Freepiker’s Premium plans.

Note: Please remember that you are not allowed to sell, commercialize or give the original (or modified) AI/PSD/EPS file to anyone.
For more information, please check our Terms of Use.