Contributor will receive a 60% commission rate and 40% is Freepiker’s fees rate.

Calculation process:
After review your file, we will be marked your some file as Premium, and some file as Free. It’s depend on your file usefulness & quality standard.

This is how your commission from premium subscriptions & free files would work:

100 free files download equals 1 premium file download. For example, if you have 1 free file with 100 downloads & 1 premium file with 1 download, both of download value will count as same. At the end of each month, we would calculate the total amount of subscription fees and calculate the "per month" subscription amount. Then we would calculate the total number of downloads following rules above.

The total monthly subscription average would be divided by the number of downloads to calculate the "per downloads" price for that month. That number would be multiplied by 0.4/0.6 to calculate the 40% & 60% rate. You will receive 60% & Freepiker will have 40% of earnings from your files. The price per downloads might be change on a monthly basis, according to our calculations.

For example:
If once month we get total $1000 deposited by Premium user and total downloads for this month is 5000 for Premium & 30000 for Free. In this month your files downloads amount is 500 premium & 3000 free. Then we calculate 30000/100=300+5000=5300, now 1000/5300=0.1886 value per download. Now your earnings, 3000/100=30+500=530x0.1886=99.95x60%=59.97. Your commission is $59.97.