Most important to prepare a files are Editable, Layered, Color profile, Artboard size, Text allignment, Resolution, File format, Photo placeholder, Bleed & Guidelines.

File editable:
Your file must be editable including text, color, shape etc. You are not allowed to use outlined text.

Organize your file with separate layers, no hidden layer or too many layers are allowed.

Color Profile:
Use CMYK for print color & RGB for web color. Also, Grayscale profile is allowed to use for print file.

Artboard size:
Your are allowed to use any of specific Artboard size, please don’t forget use bleed with your Artboard. Some standrs artboard sizes:

Text Allignment:
Use Left, Right or Center allignment for the specific side setting of your text. Then it’s position will be proper while editing.

File Resolution:
Use 300 ppi for Print & 72 ppi for web. Some of files are allowed to use different resolution. For example: PSD Billboard 100 ppi, Web Banner 150 ppi etc.

File Format:
Use EPS for print templates that creaded by Adobe Illustrator & PSD that created by Adobe Photoshop.
Ai format is allowed to use for Vectors, Illustration etc.
INDD + IDML for Indesign template like Brochure, Stationery etc.
PPTX & KEY for Presentation template.
Docx for Microsoft Word & Xlsx for Microsoft Excel.
Also, your are free to include PDF as an extra file format.

Photo placeholder:
If you using CC0 licensed photo in your template you can keep it in download. When you using a photo that you are not allowed to include in download you should remove that & place a Photo replaceholder instead. Then clients can replace any photo by that placeholder. You must use Smart Object for photo, logo & image in PSD template.

Bleed & Guidelines:
Please use bleed & guidelines to your template.
Bleed: .125 in per side for which template your created by Inch & 3 mm for which created by millimeter. For example: A standard Business artboard size is 3.5x2 inch, It will be 3.75x2.25 in with bleed. or an A4 Flyer artboard size is 210x297 mm, it’s full size 216x303 mm with bleed.

Guideline: Use guideline following Bleed, Artboard & Safe text mark. For example: An A4 Flyer Bleed guideline is 216x303 mm, Artboard guideline is 210x297 mm & Safe text area guideline could be 195x282 mm. Safe text area guideline could more or less, it’s based on your design layout.

Submission Guideline:

Orgainze your file by Downloadable Main Zip file including original source file, font & information documentation, & a Freepiker license copy. Also, create a Image preview.

What do you need to upload: 1 .zip file & 1 Image preview

Download Main Zip file:
Include in this folder your editable original resource, used font & file information documentation as a text or pdf format and a Freepiker license copy. Before upload this folder you must .zip by WinZip or your sytem’s default compressor. You can have Freepiker license copy in our any latest item or contact us and request a latest one.

Preview Image:
To present your design please create a Image preview with awesome mockup. Image preview size is 800px wide & more than 800px height, RGB color mode & 72 ppi. Your image preview must be rename with the full item name (Example: Real Estate Business Card Template with Building Illustration), because it will appear on search engine & people can find with this name.

You don’t need to upload any Thumbnail. Thumbnail will process from top of your image preview, so please remember that 800x800 pixels will show as thumbnail. For best practice Image preview how it is, please download our latest files what type you are uploading.

You must add a Signature with “Design by” in the bottom of image preview.

Resource files:
Get the example resource files here.