A PSD file basic edit is mostly based on Text & Smart Object for Logo & Photo replace.

PSD file is based on raster graphic elements, preserving information as a bitmap, where everything is made up of individual pixels. So, It’s have different layers for each elements & text. Basic edit is mostly based on “Layers” Palette for text & Smart Object for Logo & Photo replace, also advance edit based on menu & other Palette. Please install all required font before open & start to edit.

Open your PSD file in Adobe Photoshop & follow this Step by Step editing instruction:

1. Replace text:
Choose the Type () Tool in “Tools” sidebar. Now click on the exist text & type your own text.

2. Replace logo & Photo:
Open your Logo/Photo & Copy it. Double click on the Smart Object () in “Layers” palette. You will have a Document with exist one, Paste your own logo/Photo & Save. Now, close this document. (Cmd/Ctrl+W to Close).

3. Change color:
Background/Shape color:
Choose your color Background color () in sidebar “Tools”. Now press Alt+Shift+Backspace ()

Text color:
Select your text by Type () tool. () Now set your color Background color () in sidebar “Tools”.

5. Save:
Save your changes by Cmd/Ctrl+S

6. Hide layer:
Click layer eye () icon in “Layers” palette & invisible this.

7. Crop & Save as
If your files has unnecessary area you can choose the Crop tool () in sidebar “Tools” menu. Select the required area (without Unneeded area) & press Enter on your keyboard.

Now save as (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+S) TIFF or PSD for printing and, JPEG or PDF for sharing.