This is vector based content & you will able to customize simply using your sidebar Tools.

Ai/EPS file is based on vector graphic elements. Basic edit is mostly based on text & Links replace for Photo, also advance edit based on menu & other Palette. Please install all required font before open & start to edit.

Open your Ai/EPS file in Adobe Illustrator & follow this Step by Step editing instruction:

1. Replace text:
Choose the Type ( ) Tool in “Tools” sidebar. Now click on the exist text & type your own text.

2. Replace logo:
Open your Logo & Copy it. Now paste your Logo & move to the right position. So, you have to delete an exist Logo which is used as example. If you would like to keep the exist one, you can.

3. Replace Photo:
Go to “Links” menu via >Window >Links. Select a exist photo which you want to change. Now click on the link icon ( ) at bottom of the “Link menu” and brows from your computer.

Change color of text & shape:
Choose your selection ( ) from sidebar tool. Now select any text or shape & change color from “Color” ( ) menu.

5. Save:
Save your changes by Cmd/Ctrl+S

6. Hide layer:
Click layer eye ( ) icon in “Layers” palette for hide & invisible any layer.

Now save as (Cmd/Ctrl+Shift+S) EPS or PDF for printing and, JPEG or PDF for sharing.